Online Shopping Store

Online Shopping Store

An online marketplace that provides consumers with offers across many different retailers according to their preferences and helps online shop owners to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Business Challenge

Our client asked us to develop an online shopping platform to replace the obsolete solution. The complaint was that new retailers were reluctant to come to the shopping platform due to a lack of tools to automate routine tasks such as order status tracking or feedback processing. As a result, more and more users preferred alternative shopping platforms with a greater variety of competing offers. The new solution should provide sellers with a set of features to place new products in the online platform, advertise them, monitor the number and state of all current orders, improve customer satisfaction, and receive timely information on essential sales metrics.


The software development team was asked to build an attractive human resource management system for young professionals. The system should operate both on PCs and on mobile devices, connecting employers and candidates in the same marketplace. The web resource management system should also be easy to use with multilingual support and instant payment via PayPal.

The software developers made the web-based portal a single-page web application using the Backbone.js framework. This meant it would not reload the whole page in the browser during typical actions like searching, filling out forms, creating offers, etc.

The software built the human resource management system based on the secure REST API for client-server communication. We used a high-level database driver for MySQL and Express.js that would allow us to quickly and easily migrate to another DB  in the future if needed.

Our team used Twitter Bootstrap to build responsive layouts compatible both with mobile and desktop devices. For implementing multilingual support we used the client-side Handlebars template engine. Node.js was used as the main app server.

The software development team used PayPal’s Node SDK to implement instant payment for both employers and candidates.

Applied Technologies


Thanks to close cooperation, our business analysts have developed a detailed list of requirements covering the customer’s needs and reflecting trends in the e-commerce market. The online shopping platform that XB Software designed and developed provides an excellent experience and runs flawlessly across all modern browsers and mobile devices. The e-commerce solution allows users to:

  • place new and used goods on the online marketplace
  • filter the catalog items to search needed products
  • control the state of orders
  • monitor important KPIs

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