Corporate Websites

Corporate Websites

Equally, Yours is a training program delivered via a board game that is used to encourage open-mindedness and inclusivity amongst the staff members of corporate organizations. With Equally Yours, our client AKD Solutions caters to corporations looking to promote equality within their organizations.

AKD’s client organizations can either choose to conduct sessions moderated by AKD facilitators or train one of their own employees to conduct sessions. Managed by a designated moderator, the game is played by staff members who are divided into teams and presented with modern-day social dilemmas. The game encourages dialogue and discourse toward addressing these problems.

Business Challenge

Due to the pandemic, in-person meetings came to a halt. This was bound to affect employee training sessions at various organizations. In order to allow these organizations to continue to conduct these much-needed sessions, our client wanted to introduce a web-based version of their board game. This would allow clients and their employees to conduct and attend these sessions while staying socially distanced. However, our client was skeptical about whether an online learning program would be as effective as an in-person training session.


Our development team came together to collaborate with AKD Solutions to fully understand the technicalities of the board game, Equally Yours, so that a web-based version could be accurately recreated. To make sure that the collaborative learning experience of the online version remained as effective as an in-person session, we conducted an extensive discovery workshop with the client.

The process of conceptualization and visualization of the app was very thorough. After multiple feedback cycles, we were able to highly refine the project idea. Our team prepared detailed wireframes and prototypes to ensure that the final product matched our client’s expectations to perfection.

The web app for Equally Yours works exactly like the physical board game version. The facilitator starts a session on the app and invites participants to join. Team leaders take turns rolling the dice by pressing a button on-screen. The app automatically moves the token and pops up a question from the corresponding colour-coded stack. The discussion and point-scoring activity takes place outside of the game environment and in the video conferencing app.

The corporate training platform is used by many organizations for employee development and social learning, including some notable Fortune 500 companies, all over the world, which is why multiple language options are available.

Applied Technologies


Designing the Equally Yours web app required us to comprehensively understand how the original board game worked. There were rules to be followed along with additional requirements set forth by the client. After dividing the project on the basis of user roles, relevant wireframes and prototypes were prepared to showcase the best possible layout for the online program.

After the design phase, production began. Our developers worked with React, PHP, and Node.js. The finished project was launched after rigorous testing and quality assurance.

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