EPOS System

EPOS System

A company with a conscience. This not-for-profit retail and web shop sells baby and children’s organic and fair-trade clothing and accessories. All net profits go to Aids orphans in South Africa.

Boarding Edge supplies cutting-edge snowboard equipment and clothing to UK and European customers. Leading brands can be purchased at the retail outlet, online, or by mail-order.

Business Challenge

A company wanted an e-commerce site linked to an EPOS till in its retail outlet to provide real-time, integrated information. The company believed this would make stock control, sales management, and order fulfillment more efficient but was concerned about combining stock and managing both systems.

Boarding Edge’s manual system meant that point-of-sale activities ran in isolation from website sales and stock. The company wanted online integration with the POS, with benefits delivered quickly to streamline business processes and reduce the cost of sale.


Lime Circles incorporated a preformatted website template into Bella Natura’s site, giving greater control from the Cybertill back office. EPOS and the website are combined around Lime Circles’  single product file for improved stock control. As ‘software as a service, Lime Circles requires no in-house IT or staff so one individual can run both the store and website.

We provided an integrated EPOS and e-commerce system with stock management, customer tracking, and purchase order processing. Thanks to a templated approach and design assistance, a branded website was quickly built.

Applied Technologies


The company now reaches a larger customer base at home and abroad, with analytical tools revealing customers’ geographic location; useful for marketing strategy. The combined website and EPOS system have optimized stock control, and both operations are controlled from one site.

A user-friendly, back-end system allows quick and controlled addition of website content. Secure web payment processing is also offered. The company enjoys the system’s ease of use, detailed stock management and improved e-commerce sales.

“We originally bought the system for e-commerce but the stock control side has made buying much more efficient and accurate.” Graham Bennett, owner of Boarding Edge.

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